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About us

The Hamud family came from Cuba on May 1995 as part of Cuban Exodus of Balseros. After we started working towards our American dream on different fields such as banking, Real Estate, and Tourism, our dream of owning a Business has given us the opportunity to be able to share the essence of Cuba right from Abuela’s kitchen, to your table.

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Señor Pan Café, Established in Chicago, Illinois in 2007 as a sandwich shop, have been making Cuban Sandwiches and delighting customers with our food and culture, giving them a taste of our family tradition.

We are pleased to present our Cuban Cafe. Cuban food is both diverse and simple. Every corner of Cuba offers a vast array of culinary delights and has been influenced by many different cultures, including Mediterranean, African, and Spanish.

The name Señor Pan alludes to a common Cuban saying, meaning that whenever a sandwich is good, they would say it was a “Señor Pan”. When we decided to name the Restaurant “Señor Pan Café”, we were also looking for a unique symbol that identifies our language and our culture, so we used the letter Ñ as that symbol.

The Cubans have a reputation for their love of eating and family gatherings. They are commonly centered around sharing a meal and a nice Cafecito. Getting together on Sundays is considered the most significant meal of the week, whose highlights often include Soup and Pan.

Popular items such as Croquetas, Empanadas, Plantain Chips (Mariquitas), and Lechon Asado, are part of our regular menu for you to enjoy. The most common condiments for Cuban Food are Comino & Garlic. Unlike other preparations of Caribbean or Latin American food, Cubans emphasize their cuisine on Sazón.

I hope you enjoy your visit and either revive your Cuban roots or enjoy a tour of flavors from our beautiful island.

Faisal Hamud


Call for Reservations

Monday - Friday

8:00 am

9:00 pm


10:00 am

8:00 pm

RESERVATION NUMBER: (305)-677-2177

Lunch Specials


Lechon Asado
Served with congri and yuca con mojo


Bistec en Cazuela
Served with white rice, black bean and maduros


Ropa Vieja
Served with white rice and maduros


Masitas de Puerco Fritas
Served with congri and yuca con mojo


Bacalao a la Vizcaina
Served with white rice and tostones


Sandwich Cubano

Smoked ham, roast pork
swiss cheese, pickles and mustard

Sandwich de Lechon Asado

Roasted pulled pork sandwich
Cuban seasonings

Sandwich de Bistec

Grilled chicken, onions, lettuce
and tomato

Sandwich de Pollo

Grilled chicken breast, onions
lettuce and tomato

Sandwich de Ropa Vieja

Shredded beef in tomato
creole sauce



Cuban expresso


Cuban expresso with milk

Cortadito Doble

Double cuban expresso with milk

Café con Leche


Café Descafeinado

Decaffeinated Coffee

Café con Leche Frio

Decaffeinated Coffee


Decaffeinated Coffee

contact us

11238 SW 137 Ave. Miami, Fl 33186 (Tel: (305)-677-2177)